Do Adjuster Licenses Matter In The Hiring Process?

When selecting candidates for positions, licenses play a part in whether or not you get in the door.  According to Traci Harris, HR Specialist at Eagle Adjusting Services, she looks for adjusters to hold a license in their home state, where required. If they are near a state line she prefers that they hold  a license in the neighboring states as well.

Harris says that “the more flexible adjusters are the better chance they have of getting into the industry.  I think it’s better when someone calls and says I’m willing to work day claims and CAT claims, rather than an adjuster who puts restrictions on the claims, or area’s they are willing to work.” Additionally, being properly licensed allows adjusters to get the day claims.

Even though getting a temporary license during a Cat is usually pretty easy, it doesn’t hurt to hold a license in a areas where Cats frequently occur. The benefit to you is you’re already licensed and won’t have to remember to acquire a Cat license. Just like regular licensing, every state’s rules for obtaining a Cat license are different.  Having a license eliminates the risk of making a mistake.


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