New Mexico Computer Glitch Cancels Adjuster Licenses

A computer error during a system conversion caused the licenses of all adjusters affiliated with a firm to be listed as Cancelled.  The insurance department is aware of the issue and has acknowledged that the licenses are still in good standing. 

New Mexico is no longer going to license “Firm Adjusters.” They are converting all licenses to Independent Adjusters with Firm Affiliations. During their system conversion there was a glitch in the system and it cancelled out the Firm Adjuster licenses on 3/7/12. The Cancel Code states Firm Adjuster Fix.

The state is aware of the issue and assures us that all license are active and will be corrected when the adjusters renewal for 2012 is received.  As a reminder, the deadline for renewing adjuster licenses is Monday, April 30th. The state cannot correct the error prior to receiving the renewal.

The New Mexico insurance department also stated they work on an alphabetical system. If an adjuster needs to check the status their license or renewal, the emails addresses are listed below according to the alphabetical system they use:

Letters A-B, U-V go to Aracelie.Alemedia@state.nm.us   Letters C-G and W go to Doris.Gomez@state.nm.us   Letters H-L and X –Y go to Sandra.Padilla-Ramirez@state.nm.us

Letters M-Q and Z go to Felicia.Roybal@state.nm.us   and Letters R-T go to Elizabeth.Smith@state.nm.us

For New New Mexico License information go to the following websites:

Link to their website: http://www.nmprc.state.nm.us/insurance/index.html

Link to verify a license: http://www.nmprc.state.nm.us/insurance/producer-search.html


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