Where Can I find Information On Licensing Requirements?

Today, every state that requires a license for claims adjusters has all of the information that you need on their government website.  For almost every state, you can start at the department of insurance website for the state.   Xeneros has updated the 'list of states that require a license” document to now include links to each state’s website.  It can be accessed here

Now, sorting through the site to find the relevant information is another matter. As easy as this sounds, navigating each state’s website is not that simple.  If you’ve been a claims adjuster for any period of time, you know that the licensing requirements vary by state.  Navigating a state’s website to find the little bit of information you need can as complicated as understanding the licensing requirements themselves. 

Another resource for licensing information it LinkedIn.  If you aren’t ‘on’ LinkedIn I suggest you get an account and join a couple of groups.  Xeneros hosts one group called Insurance Licensing and Credentials.  You can pose questions and follow discussions.  A word of caution, however, most input is provided by other adjusters.

Finally, there are companies like Xeneros which will provided the administrative services to acquire and renew licenses and serve as in adjuster licensing clearinghouse.  All the licensing information is available on a single website or by calling a toll-free number and speaking to a compliance specialist. 

About Xeneros: Xeneros helps organizations maintain business entity and independent adjuster licenses and the associated requirements.  Xeneros uses an innovative web-based software program which is supported and maintained by a knowledgeable compliance staff. For more information go to www.xeneros.net.