Important Information For Florida Adjuster License Holders

At the beginning of this year Florida made some changes to their online system. The change requires each individual holding a Florida adjusters license to set up an account in the MyProfile portion of the Florida system. Florida sent out notifications to all Florida licensees involving this change. The MyProfile system allows you to view all your information regarding your Florida license, the most important thing being your compliance and your CEU's. This systems is also giving Florida a better way to watch and monitor their licensees. A few cases have been reported involving either those needing CEU's not being compliant with these CEU's or those who should be exempt due to their home state requirements are actually showing as non-compliant.

Once you go out of compliance, they also cancel your appointment making you ineligible to work claims in Florida. While adjusters who should be exempt due to home state requirements should technically not be out of compliance, they will consider you so until you send them a letter of good standing from your home state. We suggest you then also make to call to ensure they have received the letter and verify if a re-appointment is in order to make the license once again compliant.

Once you create an account, you can click on the compliance evaluation. This will show you where you whether or no you are in compliance. It will also show you if you are exempt or how many CEU's you are required to complete. In addition it will tell you your next compliance period.

This is an extremely hot topic right now in Florida as they are cancelling appointments which in turn makes the adjuster out of compliance. Using this system to verify your compliance status is the best way to ensure that you, and any independent firms you may be working for, are staying compliant in the state of Florida. As you know, compliance is very important in the adjusting industry. There are many fines and penalties which can be incurred. These penalties can include your license being permanently revoked for that state.

For more information on this topic please visit the Florida Department of Insurance website.