Licensing Information Regarding Recent Emergencies



June 28, 2012 To July 2, 2012


Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, District of Columbia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Possibly Other Areas.


Flooding, Hail, Tornadoes, Wind


Wind and Thunderstorm Event

Illinois, Maryland, Ohio, and New Jersey

These are non-licensed states and therefore no emergency license is required.

Indiana and West Virginia

Only Insurance Companies can complete the forms necessary to acquire an emergency license. If you are an Independent Firm, it is easier to acquire the regular IA license. They are processing quickly and they are both online applications. The WV license can be acquired through NIPR if you hold a home state or designated home state license. It’s important that the adjuster makes sure they are clicking on the Non-Resident Adjuster Initial License. There have been instances of adjusters inadvertently clicking the Non-Resident Producer button and applying for the incorrect license.

WV offers only Public Adjuster, Company Adjuster or Crop Adjuster. As an IA you need to apply for the Company Adjuster license even if  you are not affiliated with a company. The fee for the regular license is $25 plus any fees charged by NIPR. We Most licenses are being issued with 24 hours.

Indiana is applied for through Sircon. They have a longer processing time of 3-5 days but again, if you intend to work for multiple companies it is easier to acquire this license. Otherwise, every company you intend to work for has to complete a form verifying your eligibility. The cost of a non-resident IA license in IN is $90 plus any fees charged by Sircon. Again, you must hold a valid home state or designated home state license to apply online.

North Carolina

The state of North Carolina has instructions on their website on how to acquire an emergency license. They put out a memo every year that includes a template of a badge you must have to enter the emergency areas. The bulletin including instruction on how companies can deploy emergency adjusters can be found at: http://www.ncdoi.com/LS/Documents/Bulletins/2012/Bulletin 12-B-02  Procedures for Catastrophic Adjusters.pdf#search="emergency license".

South Carolina

South Carolina also requires insurers to send in forms qualifying adjusters for an emergency license. Therefore, IA’s can apply for a regular IA license at: https://online.doi.sc.gov/Eng/Public/Common/OnlineServices.aspx thus allowing them to work for any company. If they go through the insurer, each company must complete the form in order for the adjuster to do work for their company.

About Xeneros: Xeneros helps organizations maintain business entity and independent adjuster licenses and the associated requirements.  Xeneros uses an innovative web-based software program which is supported and maintained by a knowledgeable compliance staff. For more information go to www.xeneros.net.


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