Property and Casualty Adjusters – Always Get An All Lines License

You’ve chosen the career path of Insurance Adjuster and are about to take your first exam. But where do you start? There are so many different exams. There are different lines of authority and different options to choose from. Is one better than the other? The answer is yes.

Your first step is to see if the state you live in requires a license. If so, take your home state exam. Then, check to see which exams for lines of authority are available for your state. Many states offer several choices. Some of the options available range from Property, Casualty, Worker’s Compensation, Fire Only, Personal, Commercial, General Lines to the All Lines exam. With so many variances from state to state, the best exam for you is one that will cover all lines of authority. Any exam such as All Lines, General Lines or Comprehensive, will cover any of the other lines such as Property or Casualty.  If you live in a non-licensed state take your exam in a state like Texas which offers an all lines license.

The importance of taking the right exam is for reciprocity. If you take a Property only exam and try to reciprocate to a state such as Louisiana, which offers Personal, Commercial and Comprehensive, and you intend on working Commercial or Casualty claims, your Property only exam will not allow you to apply for the lines needed in the state of Louisiana. It will only allow you to apply for Personal Lines of authority.

Some states offer so many lines of authority the options can be very confusing. If a state offers a “Fire Only” line of authority and that is what you test for, you are only eligible to work claims that are related to a fire loss such as smoke, water damage from the fire, or the actual fire damage. You are not eligible to work a wind or hail claim with the Fire Only license. However, had you opted to take the General Adjuster or General Lines, you would be eligible to work any loss that comes your way. And, as mentioned above, you won’t be able to work those claims in other states either.

By not taking the correct exam in the beginning, you could lose out on work by not holding the right lines of authority on your license.

If you are an officer of a company, it becomes even more important as to which exam and which lines of authority you hold. If there is any chance you will be named the Designated Responsible Licensed Producer for your company. When your company applies for their business entity license in a state, their DRLP’s lines of authority must match those which the company will be applying for. So as the DRLP, if you hold only a Property license but your company will be applying for and working Property, Casualty, Worker’s Compensation, or any other type of claim, your license will not qualify for the DRLP. The company’s license will be put on hold until an eligible DRLP, holding the proper lines of authority, can be affiliated to the company license.

So back to the original question…Which exam do I take? When offered, we recommend that you always opt for the General Lines, Comprehensive or All Lines license. That way you’ll be able to offer the most potential to an IA firm and leave the door open for expanded work in the future.

About Xeneros: Xeneros helps organizations maintain business entity and independent adjuster licenses and the associated requirements.  Xeneros uses an innovative web-based software program which is supported and maintained by a knowledgeable compliance staff. For more information go to www.xeneros.net.


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