Hurricane Isaac Licensing Update: Mississippi

isaac 8-29

CAT 87 has been declared and it includes Mississippi, the one state we have not yet discussed when it comes to emergency licensing.  The state of Mississippi will allow adjusters holding a home state license to go through either NIPR or Sircon and apply for an Emergency License. Non-resident adjusters will have to submit a paper application. The state does process paper Emergency Adjuster applications with priority. There is no way of telling the true timeline as it all depends on how many applications they receive.

The following link will take you to the Mississippi Department of Insurance’s page on Adjuster Licensing: http://www.mid.state.ms.us/licensing/adjuster_licensing.aspx.

For non-resident adjusters, the paper application can be found under the Individual Licensing Forms. If you hold a home state license, scroll down to the Adjuster Licensing Online Services section and click on “Apply for a License Online.” This will take you directly to Sircon. If you prefer to use NIPR, the following link will take you to their home page: http://www.nipr.com/. Select the Non-Resident Adjuster Initial License along the left side of the screen and complete the online process.


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