Congratulations to Louisiana on their Prompt Response to Adjuster Licensing

Xeneros, LLC offers a service that acquires state licenses for insurance adjusters and independent adjusting firms. As you know, Louisiana was struck by Hurricane Isaac. Due to changes in emergency licensing requirements Xeneros was inundated with requests to help adjusters in transit to or already in Louisiana to adjust claims.

Many states, including Louisiana, do issue an emergency license in the event of an emergency or catastrophe. However, in the state of Louisiana, the requests for emergency licenses must come from the carriers (as anyone currently in Louisiana now knows). Therefore, the best option of most claims adjusters was to obtain a regular non-resident adjuster license.

With what we can only assume was an overwhelming request for adjuster licenses, the Louisiana Department of Insurance Licensing Bureau was extremely responsive and they were able to turn around online requests approximately 24 hours. For those submitting paper applications, the department was processing the day they received the application. In cases of extreme emergency need of a license, they had adjusters overnight the application to the licensing department reviewed them the same day.

Not only was the state of Louisiana responsive, they were processing applications Labor Day weekend. We know because Xeneros was submitting applications on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and they were being approved overnight.

After Hurricane Katrina and many other recent storms, or threats of storms, the Louisiana Department of Insurance realized the need to have licensed adjusters in the state as quickly as possible to ensure their residents received a quick response to their loss. Hurricane Isaac seemed to test what they had learned and they rose to the occasion. The state of Louisiana passed with flying colors.

Xeneros and its’ clients, would like to pass along a big thank you, and congratulations, to the state of Louisiana. Specifically to those individuals who worked long hours, and over the weekend, to make sure these adjusters received their license in a timely manner. You definitely made the process easier by getting adjusters ready for deployment sooner rather than later. Thank you.

Licensing Lessons Learned From Isaac

Many adjusters headed south this last week toward Louisiana in search of work.  Isaac had all the makings of a serious matter and our adjusting fraternity had every intention of helping insureds. 

When many adjusters were in route or onsite, they learned that the emergency licensing requirements had changed. Well – they’re changing all over, and not necessarily with the intention of making and adjuster’s life easier.  In Louisiana, only carriers can request emergency licenses and many are reluctant to add the names of and IA firms roster, which is completely understandable.

For any adjuster there’s really only one option: acquire a license.  But there’s another catch; to acquire a license the quickest way, you have to apply online and to apply online you have to have a home state or a designated home state. This means your Texas non-resident license is not good enough.  Online applications are being processed in one business day while mailed in applications are taking up to five.  That’s a significant amount of income being sacrificed sitting in a hotel room, waiting for the state to approve an application.  

Compare that to an adjuster who had a designated home state license that learned somewhere between Kansas and Louisiana that he needed a license.  He called Xeneros on Friday and on Saturday had his Louisiana license (true story).  Why? There are several factors:

  1. The adjuster had a designated home state license.  Most online applications require a home state or designate home state. A non-resident license is simply not good today.  He had the foresight to designate a home state.
  2. Xeneros processes all licenses within  2 hours of receipt of payment information. Xeneros’ license acquisition saved the adjuster hours or days in applying for the license.   Knowing exactly what was necessary also helped.
  3. To Louisiana’s credit, they were processing licenses Friday night and Saturday.  And every day since, they have been processing license applications in a day or less(we know; we’ve been submitting applications on behalf of adjusters at a blistering pace every day).

The end result is a pool of adjusters ready, willing and able to help insureds get back on their feet and into their homes.  This is cooperation at it’s finest.